Tuning Bar & Burger Review

Hamburgers have come to be a trendy food in Hungary. Before that (5 years ago), the hamburger scene in Budapest  was virtually non-existent, made up primarily of Burger King as well as McDonald’s. Sadly, these junk food burgers have been the only point of reference for several Hungarians, that are quickly impressed by the new generation of high end hamburger joints. 

I was happily amazed by the burgers at Tuning Bar & Burger. They are, in my viewpoint, among the most effective in Budapest, along with those at Sophie & Ben’s, Zing/Ring Burger and also Kandallo, my various other favorites in town.

The meat was pretty good, and not overcooked, and also the timeless burger comes well clothed with cheese as well as sauces as well as pickles to flavor it up perfectly. Over all, a gratifying hamburger reward. Free Wi-Fi is additionally available. Tuning Bar & Burger accept credit card. Maybe most unusually, live video clip of the grill where the food is being cooked is constantly forecasted on the eating location wall surface. Now, so they were to turn this into a webcam!

Tuning Bar & Burger is one of the finest hamburgers in Budapest! The portions are significant, and therefore super yummy. The service is wonderful and friendly! 

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