BITESGURU is a special service that offers the traveler, culinary food maps around the world.

There is no guide or group, you decide when to start your culinary experience, and go through your time and pace from taste to taste, with a friendly map and points of interest that only locals know and according to our authentic recommendations.

We have three core values:

We are looking for the most delicious and special places for you and recommend only places we liked. Therefore, you will not find a rating with us. Everything that appears on the map are places we have been to and the dining and visiting experience was good.

We do not believe in negative reviews and therefore – places we do not like will not appear on our food maps.
With us you will find only authentic recommendations. We believe in transparency.

As a rule, we do not act in a sponsored manner. but sometimes there will be cases where some of the recommendations will be sponsored. But even then we will act under two conditions: The first, is transparency – the fact that the visit was sponsored will clearly appear to you. Second, we will only recommend if we liked the place, this is a condition we present and clarify to restaurant owners and food stalls who contact us.

1. Select the food map at the destination you are traveling to or in.

2. Purchase the map – it takes less than a minute. you can pay with your credit card or with PayPal

3. Log in to our site and use the culinary map you have purchased, whenever you want and from anywhere, for three months. Mobile phone and internet connection is all you need.

In fact, there is no user limit at this stage, after purchasing the map you can make self-use of our food recommendations map. You can of course travel as a group and one member of the group will use the map.

Yes, some of the places we chose are dedicated to vegetarian food and are in the ‘vegetarian food’ category so you can, easily, locate them on the map. In addition, many of the places we have chosen for you also offer, as part of the general menu, dishes intended for vegetarians.

On our maps we have recommendations for a variety of places, foods and ingredients. Those who suffer from allergies should read the information about the food in the place itself and act carefully and responsibly. Please note, sometimes food dishes can vary in composition, so please be sure to check with the place owner before ordering food.

Our maps are available in English. Using the map is intuitive and simple. Our maps include the name of the place in English, photos and videos and a link to navigate to the place. Even those who do not have a good command of the English language will be able to easily navigate between the recommendations, be impressed, and choose from our recommendations.

When you choose our culinary maps, you have the opportunity to get a wide range of food recommendations to suit every taste, so you will find bakeries, cafes, local food, food stalls and markets, vegetarian food, various restaurants like Italian food, Asian food and more.

Yes, our food maps are a wonderful way to give kids the opportunity to experience the culinary side of the city. They can be part of the selection process and even navigate to the destination with the whole family.

No, a single smartphone with an internet connection is all you need to make use of our food maps at the destination.

All the culinary maps purchased from our site are delivered to you within minutes through the personal area created for you at the BITESGURU website. All sales are final. The Company does not accept returns or issue full or partial refunds for unused or unused food stamps. Our food maps offer you information that we have collected with great effort. You can always go through the information and prepare everything you need for the next time you need it.

Yes, please note – the data capacity required to use the map is small.

It is easy to find the culinary recommendations on the map (by searching on the map, or by food categories) Clicking on your desire food place will lead you to specific information about the place including, photos, videos, our recommendation and finally you will see a navigation button to the restaurant or food stand

No, the use of the culinary map is done at your own pace. You have access to the map for three months from the date of purchase. During this time you can use the culinary map as many times as you want, without limit.

Contact us by email at any time. We are always here and available for any problem.

We suggest visiting our site to stay updated on our new culinary recommendations. Follow us and learn everything there is to know about our exciting food maps.

Please contact us (here) We will be happy to be at your service during business hours

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