We are a couple in their 40s who love good food and travel to popular cities around the world. Over the years we have discovered the winning combination of food tasting and culinary tours abroad which enhances the experience of enjoying the place. Over time we have collected many recommendations for good restaurants, coffee shops, bars, food markets, and desserts not to be missed. 

The vast knowledge we have accumulated, we seek to share with anyone who loves to travel and loves food! Especially in major cities where options and types of food are many and varied.

Our project started out of our personal passion for food and traveling. The local food culture and dining experience has become one of our strongest memories from any trip. 

We discovered local dishes, good restaurants and street stalls in magical places, which often lead us to discover the local entertainment scene. Additionally, we discovered new neighborhoods, new places where mostly locals eat. Often we were the only tourists, an enjoyable experience…

When we tried to follow food recommendations we found on the Internet, blogs etc, we discovered that there are many places that get great exposure but are not successful. Some of the places were closed, or information about them was not up to date, or that the information was written by sponsors and therefore not authentic.

We realized that for our culinary experience to be great, there are no shortcuts and we need to go through the information independently and produce for ourselves the list of foodie places we would choose for ourselves. Understanding that has proven itself more than once. We invested time to locate the best food places. We cross-reference information, test its reliability, and with this list we created, we traveled.

We discovered that the culinary map we built for ourselves with all the recommendations for markets, street food, restaurants, cafes, pubs and more, was extremely beneficial and accuracy which allowed us an excellent culinary experience at the destination. After using our food map we created, we added our personal experience, filtering only the places we loved and adding the surprising/unique places we found on spot. Our food maps will take you to the most delicious places in any destination you choose. Travel at your own time and pace. Your mobile phone and our food map are all you need!

There is no guide or group, you decide when to start your food experience, and go through our foodie recommendations at your own time and pace, with a friendly map and points of interest that only locals know.


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